10 Random Acts of Kindness for RCMP Officers on RCMP Day

February 1st is RCMP Day here in Manitoba!  What a great way to show our appreciation for all the men and women who do so much to enforce the law and keep our communities safe.  Police officers see the most vile part of our towns.  They give up holidays, anniversaries, celebrations and many sleepless nights to deal with the worst our community has to offer.  Here are 10 ways you can make a small difference in the day of the police officers in your area.

10 Random Acts of Kindness for RCMP Officers on RCMP Day

10 Ways to Say Thanks!
  1. Head to your local coffee shop and pay for a cuppa for the next police officer who walks in.
  2. Load a giftcard at your local drive thru restaurant and drop it off at the nearest station.  Police don’t often have time to sit down for dinner so someplace that they can pick up something quickly and eat on the run is perfect!
  3. Make some treats and drop them off at the local police station.  Small snacks that are easy to grab and go (like these cake pops) are greatly appreciated.
  4. Do a good deed.  If you have a police officer in your neighbourhood head on over to his house and shovel his driveway for him.
  5. Send an email of appreciation thanking the RCMP for all they contribute to your community to your local radio station and ask them to read it on the air.
  6. Officers need to do laundry too!  Organize a coupon collection for dry cleaning or tailoring services in your area and drop them off at the local detachment.
  7. Share your appreciation for the RCMP’s services by posting on social media.
  8. Give an RCMP officer a friendly wave and a thumbs up as you pass them on the road.
  9. Do something nice for the families of RCMP officers living in your neighbourhood like dropping off a plant for their spouse or new toy for their children.
  10. Obey the law!  The best gift you can give is to give them an easy day by not causing trouble.  Don’t speed.  Don’t beat on anyone.  Don’t commit any crimes.

Police officers see the worst in people every day of their careers.  Show them your support by doing something nice for them.  Repay their sacrifices by showing them some kindness this RCMP Day on February 1st!

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