The Top 10 Must Haves for a Fab Kitchen!

If I had a million dollars…. I’d pimp out my kitchen with these kick ass items!

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dream kitchen

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery.  What would you do with all that money?  I’d buy…


6 burner gas range with double oven – Get the right tool for the job!  If you cook and bake a ton like I do, or cook for a big family, a fabulous, easy to clean range is super important!  I love the double ovens on this model, as well as the 6 burners a griddle so I can cook up a storm!  I wish my kitchen could handle this beast!

A coffee system – when you have a cop in the house and you entertain large family gatherings like Mennonites often do coffee is what keeps everything going!  This coffee system is set to impress.

A knife set – For a home cook you don’t need all kinds of fancy knives but a basic set of sharp knives for slicing and dicing sure does make the job easier.  My favourite knife is a large deep Henkell knife that my brother in law bought me one year.  The best thing is that stays sharp for so long!  A set like this is perfect!  My biggest regret is that I only have one of these knives so I would of course buy more than one of this set so I have multiples for those busy cooking days!

A big big full fridge and freezer  – We have a busy family and several hungry teenagers, a couple of football players and one officer who likes big portions so we need space to store a ton of food.  We also hunt so a full deep freezer is a must to store all that free range organic meat.  fridge freezer

A large pantry to keep all those small appliances like the instapot, crockpot, food processor, and stand mixer that we need.  It would also be a great place to store all the canning I do.

pantry and quartz countersQuartz counters – They are so durable, kid friendly and most important… easy to clean!.

A conservatory window – Imagine if this were the view from your breakfast nook!  What a great place to savour your morning coffee.  I love to cook in bright sunny kitchen.

A herb wall – I love to have fresh herbs and greens on hand for all my cooking.

kitchen islandA huge island – The bigger the better.  I never seem to have enough counter space.

A date with a professional chef – Hey!  He or she could teach me the most fabulous dishes to cook in my most fabulous kitchen!


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