Pull up a chair!  Everyone is welcome at my supper table for good eats and honest conversation.  There’s a little food for thought for everyone!  This is a space to discuss and share ideas, thoughts and confessions about good eats, thrifty choices, smart living and share stories, tips and tricks about being a Mountie’s spouse.


Charlene at Prairie Living

Getting back to basics!

Having a pioneer mentality in a modern world I attempt semi self sufficient living without sacrificing modern convenience.  Growing up rural and transplanted into the suburbs I make a conscious effort to keep the habits and traditions of my parents and grandparents alive.  I grow most of my own fruits and vegetables in very large, farm sized garden and preserve enough to last us through the cold Canadian winters.  We hunt and fish for most of our meat and buy our chicken and beef from local nearby farmers whenever possible.  Believe me… my kids know where their food comes from!

Seeking Balance:

Like any busy household life can feel overwhelming at times.  Under our roof we deal with mental health issues and food allergies which make our life crazy every day.  To top it all off being a LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officer) family has affected every aspect of our lives.  Shift work, schedule changes, and uprooting our lives to move to a new community every few years makes organizing a household next to impossible… although the straaange work stories around the supper table certainly do keep it interesting!  Life is not always easy but it is always entertaining and we always find a way to plow through!


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