Bee Mine Valentines Day Craft for Kids in 5 easy steps!

We’ve been through a decade of giving and receiving Valentines Day cards at school now and the ones my kids enjoy the most are the ones that come with candy.  I know… who’d a thunk it, right?  My favourites are always the ones that are creative and handmade.  Here’s a super cute craft idea that is the best of both worlds.  This “Bee Mine”  Valentine craft is great to hand out in place of a card, to do at home or as a craft for a class Valentines Day party.  Best of all it uses simple, inexpensive supplies that you probably already have on hand around the house and can be done in 5 easy steps.

You’ll need:

  • a medicine bottle with the labels washed off (If doing this for a classroom craft you will have to plan ahead in order to save up enough bottles)
  • black pipe cleaners ~ 2 per bee.
  • coffee filters
  • glue
  • scissors
  • white paint and a brush
  • googly eyes
  • a black permanent marker
  • candy

Let’s Create!

Step 1: Get Prepared!

  • Paint the top of the lid to cover up the orange writing.  Set aside to dry.
  • Cut the pipe cleaners in half, to about 6″ (15 cm) in length so you have four pieces per bee.

Step 2: Create the Body!

  • Wrap the pipe cleaner around the end of the medicine bottle, twisting to secure it tightly.  This will make the stripe and legs.  If needed wrap tightly over top of a thin line of glue to keep it from slipping off.
  • Kink the ends outward for the feet.
  • Repeat around the centre and top.  Line up the legs so they are all on the same side of the bottle.
  • Wrap the fourth pipecleaner piece around the top but this time with the ends sticking out on the opposite side of the bottle to represent antennae.

Step 3: Create the Wings!

  • Cut a heart shape out of the coffee filter.
  • Write Bee Mine with black pen on one of the wings.
  • Glue to the top of the body.  (For double wings cut out two hearts, one larger than the other and glue on top of each other.)


Step 4: Create the Face!

  • Glue the googley eyes to the lid.
  • Draw on a smile and nose.

Step 5 :  Fill with Treats!

  • Fill with treats and close it up with the lid!
  • Hand out to your favourite people!

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