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Thin Blue Line Cookies: a cakester style cookie perfect for sharing!

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These thin blue line cookies are great for sharing at any casual police themed event! They also make a great treat for police appreciation week!  Show your support for all the hard work law enforcement does by sharing these thin blue line cookies.

10 Challenges RCMP Families Have to Face That Other Police Families Do Not

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When it comes to backing the blue line the wives and husbands of police officers across North America put up with a lot. We do so willingly and with love. However there are many challenges that families of RCMP members have to face that other police forces do not.

40 Grab and Go Food Items to Keep in the Duty Bag

40 Grab and Go Foods for the Duty Bag

Struggling to figure out what to put in your spouse’s duty bag for those days when they just don’t have time to stop and eat. Because let’s face it… that’s almost every day! Fretting about the times your loved one gets mired in paperwork and doesn’t have a minute to spare fore lunch? Here are a few items you can add to your grocery list so your spouse does will never have to go hungry on the job again.

10 Must Read Articles for Every New (and experienced) RCMP Spouse

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When my husband first joined the RCMP there was very little information about what life was like as a member’s wife. However over the last few years that has changed. Here are a few of my favourite “must read” articles for every new, and experienced LEO’s spouse. These authors tell it like it is and offer hints and advice for any wife or husband backing the blue line.

My PTSD Infused Marriage: Taking the First Step Toward Healing

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Cutting people out of your life is easy, it’s keeping them in your life that’s hard. With PTSD it’s harder still. PTSD is a disease that we live with and it’s a struggle every day. Coming to the realization that I can only help him heal if I work on myself first might sound obvious but it hasn’t been easy. Finding support for myself has helped my marriage more than anything else we have undertaken.

The Spill-Over Effect: 5 ways shift work and family dinnertime can come together.

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In the early days we hoped Bulldog would be able to pop in for a family supper if he was out on patrol, or I’d give the kids a big afternoon snack and push back serving dinner if his shift ended close to meal time. Then reality hit. More often than not he’d be on his way and have to respond to a situation, or be 5 minutes before the end of his shift and get a call, only to show up for supper 2 hours later than we’d expected.