40 Grab and Go Food Items to Keep in the Duty Bag

Struggling to figure out what to put in your spouse’s duty bag for those days when they just don’t have time to stop and eat? Because let’s face it… that’s almost every day!  Fretting about the times your loved one doesn’t have a minute to spare for lunch because they are mired in paperwork?  Here are a few grab and go food items you can add to your grocery list so your spouse will never have to go hungry on the job again.

40 Grab and Go Foods for the Duty Bag

40 Grab and Go Food Items for his or her Duty Bag
Meal Replacement
  1. Clif bars or other meal replacement bars
  2. Protein shakes or other meal replacement shakes like Boost or Ensure
  3. Minute rice cups or microwave ready rice packs
  4. Can tuna snacks with the crackers
  5. Ration packs: Mountain House, Alpine Aire and Backpackers Pantry brands available at MEC
  6. Campbell’s ready to eat soups and stews single serving size with the pull tops
  7. Chef-boy-ar-dee ready to eat single size cans with the pull tops
  8. A can of beans (Bulldog’s go to but God bless his partner who has to ride with him later!)
  9. Kraft Dinner cups
  10. Kippers
  11. Vienna sausages
  12. Instant oatmeal
  13. Cheese: strings, curds, babybel
  14. Ramen noodles (Mr. Noodle packs) instant noodles
  1. Plain crackers. (Use a Tupperware container so they don’t get crushed.)
  2. Hard veggies: carrot sticks, celery sticks, cauliflower florets, etc.
  3. Little packs of peanut butter, jam (for the crackers) and salad dressings (good for dip for the veggies) that you get in restaurants
  4. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps (Bulldog approved because it gives him crunch and keeps him off the potato chips.)
  5. Nuts: almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.
  6. Trail mix
  7. Raisins or crasins
  8. Squeezable applesauce
  9. Dried fruit: apple chips, banana chips, dried apricot, etc.
  10. Seeds; pumpkin, sunflower, etc.
  11. Jerky
  12. Granola bars: Gorp, Natures Valley (homemade ones have less sugar)
  13. Pretzels
  14. Canned veggies or fruit cups with the pull top opening
  15. Pop tarts
  16. Dry cereal
  17. Mini snickers or other chocolate bars (stock up after Halloween when they’re on sale!)
  18. Fruit gummies
  19. Endurance Tap Energy Gel: available at MEC
  20. Energy Chews: available at MEC
  21. Peperoni sticks
  22. Yogurt tubes. (I hesitate with these because they really should be refrigerated and can make a sticky mess if they get squished and pop open in the bottom of the bag.  It is best to store them in a ziploc bag.)
  1. Tea bags, instant coffee or hot chocolate packets
  2. Juice boxes
  3. Bottled water (I prefer the more eco friendly refillable water bottle)
  4. Sugar packets (for your tea or coffee)
Things to consider when choosing food items to store in the duty bag
  • Is it able to be opened easily without a mechanical device?
  • Can it be eaten straight away or by adding hot water?
  • Does it come in individual sized containers?
  • Is the packaging durable?  Keep food items in small bento boxes or plastic containers to prevent food from spilling or getting crushed.

Check out 5 Ways Shiftwork and Dinnertime Can Come Together for more ideas on how to get dinner to your favourite cop.

What are some food items you put in your favourite police officer’s duty bag?  Comment below with your ideas!

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