How to Make Red (or Green) Pepper Jelly

Put a little kick in your life! Pepper jelly has a beautiful mix of sweet and heat making it a special treat to keep on hand. And it’s so versatile! You can use this pepper jelly recipe in so many recipes.

Zapple Platz (Mock Dutch Apple Cake): A Zucchini Platz that tastes like Apples!

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This zapple platz recipe uses zucchini but tastes just like apples!  Your family will never know the difference!  It looks and tastes just like a dutch apple cake.

Apple Salad with Goat Cheese

apple salad, goat cheese, jalapeño, mint,

Apple Salad or Apple Slaw… whatever you choose to call it it’s healthy and delicious! Apples are in season and the farmers market is laden with fresh peppers, onions, mint, honey, goat cheese and all the things you need to make this delicious apple salad! A Savoury Fruit Salad This is my most requested salad …

The Best Ever Cooked Salsa Recipe for Canning

salsa recipe, canning salsa, cooked salsa,

It’s harvest time and my garden is ripe with all the veggies I need to make my family’s favourite salsa recipe.  We love to have salsa stocked year round and we always have a jar on hand when we share a bowl of tortilla chips with our friends.  They usually end up requesting the recipe by the time we reach the bottom of the bowl.

How to Make a Classic Turkey Broth

turkey chicken poultry broth recipe

Turkey noodle soup is a classic day after Thanksgiving meal. Making the turkey broth after a huge Thanksgiving meal can seem a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple and uses only a few ingredients. Here’s how to make a delicious golden coloured turkey broth even your mother-in-law would be proud of!

10 Challenges RCMP Families Have to Face That Other Police Families Do Not

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When it comes to backing the blue line the wives and husbands of police officers across North America put up with a lot. We do so willingly and with love. However there are many challenges that families of RCMP members have to face that other police forces do not.

Oma’s Paska Recipe: Sweet Easter Bread

paska, easter bread, kulich,

Paska is a light sweet bread eaten during the Easter holidays that comes from Russia and the Ukraine. This Easter Bread recipe comes from my Oma, who emigrated from that area after WWII. Oma’s version is vanilla flavoured, and has no raisins.