Ginger Snap Pears: a quick, elegant, no bake dessert recipe

ginger snap cookie pears dessert recipe

With a little creativity I came up with this quick, elegant no bake Ginger Snap Pears dessert… perfect for when you have unexpected company for dinner!

Homemade noodles Mennonite style!

3 ingredient homemade noodles

It’s great to have bags of homemade noodles stored in my freezer and ready to use when I need them. These noodles are great in soups but my favourite way to eat them is when they are fried up nice and crisp and smothered in a thick cream gravy and topped with fried onions.

Very Berry Streusel Coffee Cake

very berry streusel sour cream coffee cake

This very berry coffee cake is perfect for sharing! Perfectly portable you can take it along to mom’s group or the office! The kids will love it too!

40 Grab and Go Food Items to Keep in the Duty Bag

40 Grab and Go Foods for the Duty Bag

Struggling to figure out what to put in your spouse’s duty bag for those days when they just don’t have time to stop and eat. Because let’s face it… that’s almost every day! Fretting about the times your loved one gets mired in paperwork and doesn’t have a minute to spare fore lunch? Here are a few items you can add to your grocery list so your spouse does will never have to go hungry on the job again.

10 Random Acts of Kindness for RCMP Officers on RCMP Day

10 Random Acts of Kindness for RCMP Officers on RCMP Day

Here are 10 random acts of kindness you can do to show your appreciation for the police officers in your area this RCMP Day!

Buffalo Cauliflower Casserole: Easy to make… easy to eat!

Buffalo Cauliflower Casserole

This vegetable side dish takes the flavour of buffalo wings and blue cheese, the health benefits of baked cauliflower, and combines in a convenient casserole for supper!

10 Must Read Articles for Every New (and experienced) RCMP Spouse

RCMP Family Sign

When my husband first joined the RCMP there was very little information about what life was like as a member’s wife. However over the last few years that has changed. Here are a few of my favourite “must read” articles for every new, and experienced LEO’s spouse. These authors tell it like it is and offer hints and advice for any wife or husband backing the blue line.

Perfectly Pan Fried Pickerel Fish Fillets

Pan fried pickerel walleye

Straight from the lake to the pan. It doesn’t get a tastier than that! My family loves it best when it’s pan fried to a nice golden brown color. Here’s how to perfectly pan fry pickerel or trout fish fillets.

3 Easy 3 Ingredient Sauces

3 easy 3 ingredient sauces

Everything tastes better with a sauce! Well… almost everything. However sauces can take time that we don’t always have. So here are a few quick and easy sauces to make to serve alongside your meal.